Turnkey Photovoltaic Systems

R1 Solar manages the design, component procurement, supply, installation, commissioning, connection and interaction with the utility with our turnkey project management.

R1 Solar is a leading resource on state and federal incentives and information on financing your project.  We leverage technology and unique financing solutions to help corporations, real estate developers and real estate trusts install solar energy throughout the US and Canada.

R1 Solar freezes your electricity price

With the progress made in recent years, PV is already a profitable investment. Take advantage of the extensive support and become independent of escalating energy prices.

High quality with comprehensive safeguards

Your PV system will last for decades. We use only the highest quality components on the market and also offer unparalleled service for planning, financing, construction and maintenance of your system.

Broad expertise and knowledge

Whether on the house with a few kilowatts or large power plants in the multi-megawatt range, we bring our years of experience to every project. Whether adding solar to an existing structure, free land or new construction, R1 can design and build your system meeting deadlines with our experienced team. 


  1. Approach

  2. Our Services

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  1. Profitable investment

  2. Lock in the price of electricity

  3. Proven technology that has been used commercially for decades

  4. Low maintenance costs and constant energy production monitoring

  5. Increase building value

  6. Rapid construction time

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