Photovoltaic Systems for Municipalities

R1 Solar works with municipal economic development departments to develop feasibility and site plans for solar parks.  Water treatment facilities, brownfields and landfills are all possible target sites for solar electricity generation.

Turn brownfields and landfills into revenue generating assets and positively impact the environment. 

R1 Solar will develop a solution around siting solar on environmentally impacted land or restricted brownfield sites.  These locations represent a viable energy generation option where in the foreseeable future little else can be done with the land or property.

R1 Solar is actively working with municipal development and environment managers to site solar on landfills or former waste sites. This represents a solid business opportunity for land and buildings that cannot be developed for other projects.


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  1. Profitable investment

  2. Lock in the price of electricity

  3. Proven technology that has been used commercially for decades

  4. Low maintenance costs and constant energy production monitoring

  5. Increase asset value

  6. Rapid construction time

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